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Show Your Owl Pride and Support Our New Hampshire Students with KSC License Plate Decals!

By purchasing our license plate decals, you support students from New Hampshire through a donation that provides vital scholarship money. You’ll receive two decals (for front and back plates) for a 100% tax-deductible donation of $55 or more to the Keene State Promise Scholarship Fund.

Alumni LP
Owl LP

Alumni Decal

Owls Decal

How to get your decals and special decal license plates:

  1. Order your decal using the form below. There, you will choose between the Keene State College Alumni logo or the Owl mascot.
  2. Obtain your decal-ready license plate from the NH DMV. If you are transferring an existing passenger plate, visit any DMV location. For a new plate you must visit your local town/city clerk office. Be sure to ask for a Decal License Plate (Note: Decals can only be placed on decal license plates. These are different than vanity or other custom plates. Decals are only available through KSC and decal license plates are only available through the NH DMV and your town hall.
  3. Once you have received your decal from Keene State and your decal license plate from the DMV, affix the decals to the license plates and you’re ready to show your Owl Pride while you drive!

Your donation covers the cost of shipping. If you are able to pick up your decals from campus and you’d like every cent of your donation to go directly to the Keene State Promise Scholarship Fund, please contact the Keene State College Alumni Relations office at 603-358-2369 or to arrange a pick up time.

Ordering your decals is easy, just fill out the form below! Keene State College and our students thank you for your support.


Can I designate my donation to any area and still get license plate decals?

No, in order to receive a decal for your license plate, your gift must be designated to the Keene State Promise Scholarship Fund.

How often do I have to renew?

Once you obtain a decal license plate from the DMV or your town clerk and affix the decal obtained from Keene State, you do not have to renew on a specific schedule. It is up to you how often you wish to replace your decal.

I don’t live in New Hampshire. Can I use a Keene State license plate decal in my state?

The New Hampshire legislature and Governor passed legislation during the 2018 session that allows us to sell these special license plates for use on vehicles registered in the State of New Hampshire. If you register your car in another state, you will not be able to use Keene State decals on your license plates. But, the KSC Bookstore sells all kinds of things to show your Owl Pride (or, better yet, come to any Keene State College Alumni event and we’ll hook you up with some free SWAG!).

Other questions?

Please contact the Keene State College Alumni Relations office if you still have questions about this program—603-358-2369 or